Dynaflow produces original and intense dynamic virtual reality experiences with incomparable realism, called Dynamovies.

These immersive dynamic passive contents in a short format of approximately 4 minutes feature outdoor sports, practised by the best professionals in their field.

Each Dynamovie is shot in "first person subjective view".
We capture the image, sound and all the real movements of the athlete during the action.
The whole experience is then broadcast with a 360VR headset, synchronised to our high quality motion simulator.
The spectator thus finds himself in the shoes of the athlete at the heart of the action and experiences real sensations.

Adrenaline guaranteed!

Be aware that the above showreel, with music courtesy of Do-It, is a cropped 180° version.
To fully enjoy all sensations, our Dynamovies are to be viewed with a 360VR headset synchronised to our motion simulator.